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Dimercaprol Injection

Dimercaprol Injection

Approx. Rs 75 / Pack

  • Dose: 1ml-5ml
  • Injectable Form: Solution
  • Application: Analgesics and Pain Relief Medicines
  • Injection Site: Intravenous
  • Packaging Type: Glass Bottle
  • Medicine Type: Allopathic
  • Assay : 90.0% To 110.0%
  • Average Volume Of 10 Containers : NLT 2.0 ML

Our company has created niche in the medical industry, by offering well-formulated range of dimercaprol injection. It maintains the accurate ph value and ensures precise composition. It is a chelating agent and removes the metal poisoning from the blood.

It inhibits the reaction of metallic poison that may be gold, arsenic or any other harmful metal and gets secreted in the kidneys.
We offer injection with 50 mg strength capacity and should be consumed under the expert supervision of doctors as its overdose or exceeding measurable quality can cause adverse health problems to the patients.

  • Each mL contains: dimercaprol USP: 50 mg, benzyl benzoate USP: 9.6% v/v, peanut oil USP: q s
  • Chelating agent for use in heavy metal poisoning
    Method of action:
    • Dimercaprol chelates heavy metals e.g. arsenic, gold, mercury, lead as well as bismuth, nickel and thallium by competing with endogenous sulfhydryl groups on enzymes
    • Absorption: peak plasma concentration after 30 to 60 min (IM)
    • Distribution: to all tissues including the brain
    • Metabolism: rapidly hepatic, converted to inactive metabolites.
    • Excretion: urine and bile
      Indication and usage:
      • Dimercaprol Injections is indicated in the treatment of acute poisoning by certain heavy metals, arsenic, gold, bismuth, antimony and possibly thallium. Although dimercaprol has not been successful in the treatment of lead poisoning when used alone, there is evidence that used in conjunction with sodium calcium edentate; it can be used successfully in the treatment of lead poisoning, particularly in children
          Dosage administration:
          • Children: Dimercaprol Injections is well tolerated by children and the dosage should be calculated on the basis of bodyweight, using the same unit dose per Kg body weight as for an adult under similar clinical circumstances
          • Adults: 400 to 800 mg, in divided doses, on the first day; 200 to 400 mg, in divided doses, on the second and third day; 100 to 200 mg, in divided doses, on the subsequent days. As a general guide, single doses should not be exceeded 3 mg/kg bodyweight. However, in severe acute poisoning, single doses up to 5 mg per kg bodyweight may be required initially
          • Elderly: there is no specific data on the use of dimercaprol in the elderly but since it is eliminated via the kidney, it should be used with caution in the aged group

          Adverse effect:
          • Hypertension, tachycardia, malaise, salvation, lacrimation, sweating, tingling of extremities, local pain and abscess at injection site, CNS stimulation, nausea, vomiting,

          DescriptionA Slightly Yellow Colored Viscous Solution
          IdentificationShould Comply As Pr USP
          Average Volume Of 10 ContainersNLT 2.0 ML
          Nominal Volume2.0 Ml
          Color And ClarityShould Be Slightly Yellow Colored Viscous Solution
          Assay - Each ML Contains:90.0% To 110.0%

          Nicotinic Acid Tablets

          Nicotinic Acid Tablets

          Approx. Rs 75 / Packet

          • Form: Tablets
          • Packaging Size: 1000tab
          • Strength: 100mg

          Nicotinic acid is a B vitamin that is available without a prescription as a vitamin supplement (niacin).

          Nicotinic acid is used to treat:

          • High levels of cholesterol and triglycerides which are fat-like substances in the blood
          • Pellagra, a Nicotinic acid deficiency which is very rare in Australia. Symptoms of pellagra include loss of appetite, lethargy, weakness, diarrhoea, dermatitis and mental changes.
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